Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Sad Story


It is always sad when bad things happen, especially when they appear as though they could have a billion other better options.  This sad story sadly has to deal with a telephone.  It is hard to believe that something as little as that caused so much heartache to many. 

One of the cell phone companies has a special that if you talk for three minutes during the day, you then get three hours of free talk at night.  I for one hate this special, as it sometimes makes people call me throughout the middle of the night, many times being strangers who I don’t know, and don’t care to know.  Many Samoans love free nights, and think I am strange for detesting it so much. 

Some of the college students have cell phones, and since they are teenagers, they always use their free minutes when they have them-which prevents them from getting a proper night’s sleep often.  A girl’s father found out his daughter was not sleeping and talking all night long on the telephone, and was upset, so he gave his daughter a hiding before she was to head to school.

The girl put on her uniform, took her lunch (a packet of noodles, and a bag of twisties (we call them cheese doodles in America)) and left her house to walk to school.  Along the way, she shed her uniform, and someone saw her walking towards the ocean.  She has not been seen since.

When they went to go look for her, next to the beach they found a packet of noodles, and a bag of twisties and I think her uniform.  They assume she went there to drown, however many of the local fishermen have gone out to dive in search for her body for several days and have come up with nothing. 

It is so sad to think about, that a girl would end her life because of a problem with using her telephone too much. 


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  1. I"m so sorry to hear this lillian. I pray that she is okay. Please keep all of us who read your blogs informed. Thank you, Ilove'a