Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Rubbish Shelves

We were practicing our essay writing, when the students (and myself) became distracted.  All the untitled men were carrying logs around the village.  (Part of the problem with having school in the village, there are so many more distractions, especially when there are no walls.)  “What are they building?” I asked my year 7 class.

“A faleo’o.” said one student.

“No look, it’s right next to the church.  It will be something for the church,” said another.

“I really don’t know Lili,” said a few more.  We kept doing our work distracted as we saw them sawing the wood, and placing it into the ground.  We soon learned they were making new rubbish shelves (where we put our trash for our weekly collection).  They put about a dozen up that day, many with using recycled wood from the school. 

Hopefully this will stop more people the in village from burning all of their trash, as this year’s dry season is very dry, and I would hate to see any of those uncontrollable fires come this way.

(Pictures are of a new rubbish shelf and children in my village)

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