Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Bus Dilemma

The Bus Dilemma

I looked at my watch; the bus was making pretty good timing for how crowded it was, which meant I had to figure out what to do, since the bus was expected to arrive at precisely the wrong time. 

Sa was introduced in our village recently.  Sa is a nightly curfew in which all families are in their houses praying.  People are not allowed to be out on the road, or anything.  My bus was going to arrive at the time Sa was taking place, and I was so confused on what I should do to not offend the villagers (or get a fine!).

In some villages, they stop every car from entering the village (people as well, since you are not allowed to be on the road), but since the main road (and only road) goes through my village, it is difficult for them to stop transportation from going through. 

I got off the bus, and saw the men as I walked quickly to the bus stop.  “Stay there Lili, it’s Sa,” they told me.  I sat there quietly as I listened to the beautiful voices coming from all of the houses around me.  I was not shunned for being at the bus stop because of arriving at the wrong time. 

Now I know what to do, although I still get nervous, and do not want people to start disliking me for silly things, so my mission is to try to avoid the last bus of the day.  (A hard task, I know.)


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