Tuesday, August 2, 2011



I just wanted to say another quick little thank you to Ilovea for touching the lives of my children and showing me that Samoans living overseas have the same generosity as those living here.  Just like Western Samoa, she would give you the shirts off their back if you said it looked nice.  I watched her bond with the children giving many things to help them remember them by. 

The girls especially looked up to Ilovea.  They immediately found out that she was staying at the beach fale nearby.  They bonded playing beauty parlor, with even some boy participation.  All they wanted to do was spend their day with the two of them, and were so sad when darkness came and they had to go home.  (Some of them even snuck back after dark, which I know Ilovea loved!) 

Seeing the girls with their new earrings and necklaces was so adorable.  They beamed with pride when they said who gave it to them.  Since sneakers are almost nonexistent in this area of Savai’i, brand new shoes were also given as a mea alofa.

I really enjoyed seeing how touched someone could be from a visit to my school, growing up in American Samoa, having similar schooling to what the children of Western Samoa have now, it was beautiful to see his appreciation for the pese lotu.

Ilovea, you have an amazing family and are one of the most inspiring people I have met, and I know that from just one day of interactions, the students here will strive to be like you.  They have a new purpose for English language, to try to keep communication with you.  I’ve been hearing about it for weeks now about how they want to write and learn how to email.   I know they will continue to talk about you, as they do with my parents, asking questions about your health and family.  (I was just asked again on Friday by a year 5 student how my mother’s leg was doing.)  Fa’afetai lava for touching our lives.

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