Saturday, August 6, 2011

Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend

After several weeks of not going farther than biking or running distance, I decided it was time to get out, and what better way to do it than with a girls’ weekend!  It was so much fun to play tourist and visit some of our favorite places in Savai’i and do our favorite activities. 

On Friday we went snorkeling at Manese, where we saw billions of fish.  It was incredible.  We stayed in a Beach Fale, which made the night difficult with the storm that blew in.  If it were cyclone season, I could have sworn we were having a direct hit by the cyclone.  We thought that there was a lot of seismic activity with how much our fales were moving throughout the night.  Not only were they moving from side to side, but we felt them move from below.  We had to find a way to secure our leaf weaved walls since the wind kept blowing them up making me and my mattress wet.  We found out later, there were no earthquakes, and the wind was strong enough that it was lifting our houses up, and then dropping them back down again. 

The next day we went scuba diving.  It was a wonderful time as we saw a shipwreck, several turtles, clams, and wonderful coral.  I sometimes complain about the lack to see in diving Samoa, but it still is very nice what there is to see.  I talked with one of the people in the dive shop about the lack of dive sites, and now understand further why it is so limited.  Safety.  If there was an emergency, they need to make sure someone will be there to help out and rescue.  The little pao pao is not able to save the scuba boat in times of crisis.

We then had plans to go to the only nightclub on Savaii (the other one closed over a month ago after being open for only 6 months), but when we got to Salelologa we found out that it was closed.  I do not know if it is a permanent closure, or if it was just for the entire weekend, but it was upsetting, as we were looking forward to dancing to the music of the live band. 

It was a lot of fun being out with my friends, but by the end I was ready to be back at home in my village.  The water weekend was a lot of fun.


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