Monday, August 22, 2011

School Days

School Days

Some days not being fluent in Samoan puts me in the dark at school.  One day felt like it was the worst, as I had so many awesome lessons planned, and was not able to do any of them. 

Why, you may ask? 

It was time to cut the grass.  Since we do not have school grounds to take care of, our school grounds are scattered throughout the village, so the children have to take care of the village.  (It is a good way to show pride in your community.) 

So instead of teaching, the children were walking around with their machetes to cut the grass and weeds around the village.  When they finished, they were picking up leaves and other items to make our village beautiful.

Other days, like today, school gets out early, and I never know why or when, until all the teachers are gone. 

Maybe one day I will understand schools in Samoa…but looking at the calendar, I am afraid that I have run out of time for that.



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