Wednesday, August 24, 2011



One thing I have always learned about the weather is in some places where not many people live the weather forecaster rarely changes the information from day to day.  I noticed this first when I was living in Wyoming, as every day there would be a 20% (I think that was the percentage…it was years ago) chance of snow.  It didn’t matter if it was snowing outside, and snowing for days, the percentage stayed the same.  We used to always have a laugh when we watched the news or read the newspaper because of it.

Here, they always say that the temperate is 30°C.  I sometimes feel like there is a change in temperature, but year round that is what the temperature is recorded as.  I noticed the past few days it was chilly.  Chilly enough those when I got out of the cold shower at night, I could not find enough layers to put on to prevent goose bumps.  (How am I going to survive a Colorado or New York winter?)   Last night on the news I noticed that the temperature had changed.  It was not 29°, so maybe I am not crazy….and that one degree the temperature dropped makes a huge difference. 


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