Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Internet is Savaii is Growing


It is amazing how much Samoa is growing technologically in the past two years.  When I first arrived in Savai’i, there was one internet café, now there are two or three.  Internet was done basically on a dial up basis, now there is broadband and wireless in Salelologa. 

I was able to witness the growth of more.  Internet has moved to a new village in Savaii.  It was moved to Fagamalo.  Fagamalo is known for its nice, but expensive resort, and it makes sense that they would be pushing for internet for their guests. 

As we watched the men climb poles to get the wires ready for the arrival of internet, I said to another volunteer, “It is nice to see that Internet is growing and more Samoans will be able to use it.”  She gave me a laugh and reminded me that most Samoans did not have laptops (or any computer) to take to this fancy resort to pay money they don’t have for internet.  

Still, I keep hoping there will be some, as the internet can open up a brand new world for them. 

As we were about to leave, I shouted to the boys doing the work to not forget us on the south west coast.  He gave a chuckle.  Maybe one day soon it will be brought to this area.  (For the tourists of course!)


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