Saturday, August 20, 2011

Going for a Run

Going for a Run

People laugh at me at home when I describe my perfect evening beginning with a run, but running or walking around is the best way to meet people and do different activities.  It always leads to fun.

The other afternoon, I went for my run and was stopped to go help prepare the umu (oven) in one area.  Then I ran with some boys passing a coconut back and forth as a rugby ball.  On my walk back, where I usually enjoy the awesome conversations with others and quick games of volleyball or soccer, I had an even better treat that night.  I was stopped by some women and brought to lead a jazzercise class. It was a lot of unexpected fun. I lead a group of about forty women jumping and dancing alongside me.  It was like a game of playing Follow the Leader as they would do exactly what I did.  Later, I stopped to chat with a few more people as I rejected a game of volleyball.

Walking or running always proves to be a good time. 


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