Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Trip to the Bank= A Trip Biking

A Trip to the Bank= A Trip Biking

I needed to go to the bank….and I needed to get a few screws replaced that went missing from my bike, so my solution I came up with was ride my bike to the city of Salelologa.  I decided to go after school, which was a horrible decision, which I should have known from previous biking trips.

Noon, the heat of the day was when I decided to start my journey.  It takes over an hour by car to make the trip, and so I was biking for several hours.  Several times cars stopped me to offer me a ride, but it was nice to refuse and enjoy the ride. 

I only had one time where I stopped my bike to stare at the hill and try to intimidate it so it would go away….of course, I failed. 

I felt strong and good biking, especially when I saw so many people I knew in cars going by. 

When I got to Salelologa, I went to the bank.  I had ordered a new ATM card about two months ago when I thought I lost my card (I ended up leaving it at a friend’s house).  I realized quickly that I was going to have difficulty going to Apia to retrieve it, so two weeks ago I asked them to bring it to my island for me to pick up.  I was looking forward to not having difficulty retrieving money again, but I should realize that things are not always as easy as they should be.

My bank card was not in Salelologa, and it might be in Apia, I am not quite sure.  What makes matters worse is I have my old card again, but I cannot use it because it was cancelled.  The ATM card is officially MIA. 

On a brighter note, I was able to get my bike fixed.  It is always nice to play the “girl card” in the hardware store.  Boys in every country seem more than willing to help you.  It was a nice easy treat because after purchasing the screws, they did not make me go and search for a screwdriver elsewhere. 

I stopped for the night in Salelologa where I realized how bad my biking tan line had become.  I call most of my arms Samoan, and my upper arms Palagi.  It was also refreshing to relax in a fresh water pool. 

It has been my first long bike trip in awhile, and my legs were not used to it, but it was definitely worth the heat and experience. 


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