Monday, August 1, 2011

The Samoan Factor

The Samoan Factor

Whenever something happens, we always seem to make a joke about it being the Samoan Factor.  The Samoan Factor told a hold of me pretty badly this past week. 

I realized my lap top was about to crash, so I saved everything onto my waterproof, fireproof hard drive.  (We call it the brick.  I originally bought it because I was terrified of tsunamis and figured one was going to happen while I was in Samoa, so I got a hard drive that could last for a day and a half in the ocean.  That way I would not lose my pictures of Samoa, and can hold on to those memories.)  I reset my computer to factory condition, and someone asked me to borrow my hard drive.  Just like Samoans, I have a hard time saying no….so I agreed with the intention that I would get it back right away.

Two days later, I decide it is time to get my computer up and running again and get my hard drive back.  I plug it in, and it doesn’t work.  I look closely and the plug is now broken.  Everyone claims they do not know how it happens, so I guess it is the Samoan effect. 

I brought the hard drive to be fixed, and of course the parts to fix it are not available in Samoa.  So to get it fixed would be very expensive and could take months due to shipping. 

My hard drive might have been waterproof and fireproof, but it was definitely not Samoan proof.  Hopefully in December I can bring it back to America to be able to see my memories. 


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  1. can't you just ship to 80 miles across the sea to American Samoa for repair?? most US brands are serviceable next door in the US territory're only a 30-45minute flight to cable tv, fast foods, warehouse shopping, cheap supplies, etc.