Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boats, Boats, Boats

Boats, Boats, Boats

On Friday I went to Apia for a meeting.  I never pay attention to the bus times except for the morning busses, because I am always in school, and can never take them.  So when I heard the bus comes at 9, I knew to be prepared for anytime.  I stayed at school watching the road (the advantage to our school building being moved…it is closer to the road!)  The bus finally came at 10:30, even though we made only a few stops, I missed the noon boat and had two hours to wait for the next boat.  

The meeting was a wrap up for our Samoa Health Challenge III, a program where I really struggled with getting started, but in the end had well over 100 participants.  Since we all had to travel far distances, the meeting was on a boat, the only floating restaurant that I know of in Samoa.  It was nice to meet up with people to discuss what they had done and learn who had put on the most Jazzercise classes in their villages. 

Afterwards we celebrated with dancing and karaoke on the floating nightclub, “Rock the Boat”.  However, Chelsea and I had an errand to do before hand, and missed the boat launching.  We had to take a water taxi to get to our boat.  It was a lot of fun dancing and singing with my Peace Corps friends.

In one day I was on 4 boats, I think I rocked them all!

(Pictures are of some of the girls I helped train)


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