Friday, July 16, 2010

Cheeky Kids Don't Go To The Library

Cheeky kids Don’t go to the Library
I had books donated to my school and had purchased books as well. I opened up my library to the classes that were well behaved and the kids in my year six class really took me up on the opportunity to read the books.
The kids were coming every day at interval to trade their books for other books. They were taking good care of the books and I was proud. The kids were anxious to come, and those in classrooms of cheeky kids were trying to find a way inside to the library. Peer pressure would sink in, I was sure of it and the kids would be well behaved.
My year eight class was cheeky and rude. I told them they had to start respecting me or I would not return. I did not go to them all of last week. I received a few apology notes from students in the class begging me to return.
I returned today, and the year 8 class was amazing. They were quiet and worked hard, which allowed us to go through our work fast enough to sing songs.
Tomorrow they earned the privilege of going to the library. I am glad that they are well behaved again and can go back to having fun working.

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