Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mice Update

Mice Update

I was asked. “Can you help me with the mice?” I quickly changed the topic. She had been caught by mom with the mice. At school she gave the mice to others to take care of. But sure enough she came home from school the following day with a mouse. It was time to head to Apia so she was now looking for a new home for the mouse. It was not going to be me.

She left for Apia, and I did not find out what happened to the mouse, and I began to get a little curious. So I asked her class. Apparently the mice are divided into three different families. All of the top students each have baby mice to take care of.

At least they are the students who are most trustworthy.

But I wonder what will happen in a few days when the family returns from Apia, will the mice also return?

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