Thursday, July 8, 2010

The World is Spinning

America isn’t standing still, life is still going on. Today, July 8th, two big events happened that make me feel sad that I am missing out.

The first one I knew of from the start. My mother’s birthday. I haven’t lived with my parents in about eight years, so I have missed celebrating many birthdays with her. It made me stop and think what would I be doing if I was there? Sometimes my brother convinces the family to go to a ball game. Other times, we head into Manhattan to see a Broadway show. Other years we have spent the day at the pool, play games and go out for Chinese food that evening.

What would I be doing with her if she was her? Maybe take a trip to the ocean for a swim, or even a trip to the beach resort for a nice dinner. I probably would do the normal here of taking her for ice cream in one of the neighboring villages. I am sure it would be similar to an ordinary day here.

Now, the other big event happening.

About five years ago my sister bought a house in Colorado. She picked out the house because of the basement. It was gigantic and full of possibilities. She had the amazing plan that me and her would finish the basement ourselves and make it into the most amazing hangout spot ever.

Our love for power tools grew and we began working hard on it. Soon, the most incredible things began to happen. We framed, put in insulation, and put up the sheetrock. A bathroom was built that was the biggest, most incredible bathroom I’ve ever seen. We bought the paint to finish, and my trip to Samoa was calling so I had to stop working on it.

Jen would send me pictures and tell me updates on the troubles with our uneven floor, our bathtub television that had no sound, or other little unfortunate incidents. It didn’t stop her and she kept working.

At lunchtime I checked my voicemail, the final inspection was passed! A few years worth of work had finally come together. The televisions are up in the wall, the electricity is working, the heated tiles in the bathroom are warm and toasty.

I am missing the opening to the basement. I am missing my mom’s birthday. I am missing many other things. It doesn’t really bother me though. I am still enjoying the fulfillment of my life in Samoa.

Congratulations Jen on completing the basement!

Happy birthday mom! We will celebrate in a year and a half!

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