Friday, July 16, 2010


My school is made up of three villages. I go to church on the weekends in my village. I have wanted to have the opportunity to connect with the students in the other villages as well, as I think having that school and village life connection helps.
I finally had the opportunity to visit another village for the second service in the next village. I arrived early and sat outside the church with a group of kids from school. They were all happy I was there and we chatted about the weekend.
Church was nice as there were so many people there. It was seriously overfilled with people. Kids were sitting on laps and people were squeezed on the church benches. Finally it got to be too much and some of the children were sent to sit on the floor.
The pastor mentioned me in his prayers which was nice, and after the service was over I was greeted by people all over the community thanking me for coming. It was nice attending a different lotu and I felt at home being with the community next to my village.
At school the following day, me attending church was the biggest talk of school. One of the teachers invited me to go to church, as well as many more of the children. I feel like I am becoming a part of more families the longer I am here.

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