Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Independence Day Reflections
I have had a lot of fun and exciting times on Independence Day over the past many years. Growing up it was always a family holiday where we would often spend time with our neighbors seeing what fireworks we could see over the houses in our development. Someone would always bring out sparklers for the kids, and some of the neighbors across the street would light their own show while I watched wondering if they would burn our street down. I was always terrified of being too close to fireworks as I thought they would cause me to be on fire, even the little sparklers.
There were a few years where we left New York, and took a family field trip to North Carolina or other places. I remember one year in North Carolina we all gathered with the rest of the small city at the local high school to watch the fireworks.
When I got older, I was finally able to stray from my parents for the fireworks show while still being in New York. Each year is always so memorable. I have spent the evening under the Verrazano Bridge to see the amazing Macy’s show. We have spent a few times at the ballpark where they do not disappoint their spectators. South Street Seaport was memorable as we alternated hiding from the downpour and watching the show in the sky. One year I went with my friend Robin in a car to chase down the best on street illegal firework show. Staten Island never seems to disappoint with their block party shows.
When I moved to Wyoming, we had a few fun times with the 4th of July with bonfires in the mountains. There is a nice firework show, and one year me and my friends sat on the tires on top of the roof of their doublewide to watch the show. When it was over we shot off bottle rockets from the roof, and thankfully no fires were started.
Moving to Colorado, I quickly came back to the family atmosphere with my neighbors. Every year we are blessed with one of the best shows and always have the best seats. We enjoy our time together eating to our hearts desire, then when it starts to get dark the ladder comes out. We made our way to the roof, usually wearing layers of clothes as the 4th seems to always be a chilly evening in the Denver area. We are so close to the action that the fireworks actually fell on us. It was always an amazing view.
Two years ago my sister decided to make the most of the holiday by giving ourselves the ultimate treatment. We started the celebration with a baseball road trip, while visiting a few other memorable sites across the country. (The world’s largest shuttlecocks are fun, as well as the world biggest easel that holds the world’s biggest Van Gough replica.) We stopped for the 4th in Washington DC and visited with Shannon. Shannon took us to the river where we saw the amazing display and afterwards we lit sparklers on her roof. The following day we explored the mall area and had a great time experiencing the beauty of Washington.
I then finished up the baseball road trip with my dad as we went to a few stadiums on the east coast.
This will be the first independence Day away from the States. I am not sure what will happen, but I know it will probably be just as memorable.

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