Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I've Got Chills, They're Multiplying

The race is approaching quickly. I have been training towards the right, which means there are plenty of hills. I am proud of myself as my stamina keeps growing.
I started leaving earlier so I can do the polite thing by running one way, and then walking back so I can talk to everyone that I pass by. My neighborhood feels like it is growing. So many people in so many villages know me and are like my extended family. I am stopped by people to ask for homework help, and little chats about where I was going to.
It was nice today because the clouds were out and I wasn’t sweltering from the heat. However, after running through my second village the windy day started to catch up to me and made my chilly due to be soaked from the huge amount of sweat dripping from my body. (Great mental imagine, I know!) By the time I got home for my amazing much needed shower. I was literally cold.
I did something that I told my cousin earlier today on the phone that I haven’t done pretty much in nine months. I put on pants. Nothing is better than the feel of nice big comfortable sweat pants. My chills disappeared and so did my goose bumps.
I probably wouldn’t have been cold if I didn’t go for the run, but I am happy I did. Not only did I make the opportunity for myself to put on the amazingly comfortable pants, but, I also get to stop often with a new family to chit chat. It is an amazing two hours that I get to have daily and I love looking forward to it.

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