Monday, July 26, 2010

Remember those Junior High Days?

My parents were out of town with my little sister. I got the feeling that high school kids get. All jittery knowing that I would be having freedom. Not having to ask permission to go places, and be free to travel wherever I want on my bike. One day I went to Vaipua, another day I played volleyball.
Each day the family was gone I had plenty of people asking me if I was going to be okay without my family there. They were all shocked that I was willing to stay back with only my brother present. They all seemed concerned with making sure I was eating enough.
It is a nice relaxed feeling with only my brothers home. Dinners are much less formal, which sometimes makes things interesting. Once my brother reheated rice….that had ants crawling in. So the ants were in every bite I took. At least the tuna fish tasted good! I also enjoyed peace and quiet as it was a break from High School Musical playing in the background with my sister singing at the top of her lungs.
Eventually, my family came home, and so did the noise and the more formal dinners.
I love my family in Samoa, just as I love my family in America, but I like my space, and it was nice to have it for a few days.

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