Saturday, July 24, 2010


It’s no wonder there are health problems in this country without the education that is needed for good health. The information that is given out is not always the most accurate.
Walking around the village you will hear many different things. I have heard from some other volunteers. Like if you add sugar to tea, it will stop diabetes, or other outrageous things. It is not these people’s fault as how can you know anything if there is no correct information being passed along.
An example of a bad message is an ice cream commercial saying, “It is good for me.” Sure, ice cream is tasty, and good for a snack once in awhile. I am sure after hearing this, some people actually do believe it to be healthy for you.
Another absurd thing I have seen is the sale of msg. In America I was always in a haze of what is MSG. I knew it wasn’t good for me because of the news that is spread around America. But here, you can buy a big bag of it to add to your food for your pleasure.
It just seems odd some of the things I have seen dealing with health here.

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