Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Pig and the Dog-A Scary Tale to Tell

On the one hand I shouldn’t be upset. The dog is just doing his job protecting our land. He sees his threat and goes after it. The main threat being pigs.
We usually call off the pigs by a simple “shh” sound. Usually it works and the pigs try to run away. The “shh” sound also informs our dog Champ that there are intruders. The dog chases the pigs around the yard until they leave and go home.
It started off like such a calm day. I was just sitting outside eating a mango I bought from my neighbor and enjoying the heat of Samoa. Samoan mangos are probably the best thing in the world. They are so fresh coming right off the tree and are just seki’a. All of a sudden something caught my eye.
Champ was hiding in the bushes waiting to make his move. He looked excited for the chase. I made the “shh” sound and the pigs started to move, but so did Champ. Most of the piglets ran the correct way, however, one made the unfortunate mistake of going to a dead end. The pig had no way out.
Champ grabbed the pig by the mouth and played with him like my cat plays with a fly or a bird. I ran after them and Champ started to run, pig in mouth. I yelled, I threw rocks, nothing seemed to work to get the pig out of the mouth. I did not want the pig to die and I stupidly almost put myself in harm’s way.
I ran after them and tried to hit the pig out of the mouth. It didn’t work. Some of the neighbors heard the scream. “Alu ese” (Go away) one of my student’s called to me as he began pelting rocks at Champ.
The chase continued as Champ headed under the car. Finally the little stones worked as the pig came out of the mouth. He was covered in blood and began limping. We chased the dog away and the pig got the courage to start walking and began running from us. The others chased the pig around and finally grabbed it. They brought the screaming pig home.
I stood there in shock. What else could I do? I ate my mango. Reminded myself why it is necessary to carry rocks when running and went back inside where there are no dogs.

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