Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pili Vs Kitty

Pili vs kitty
This weekend television shocked me. Tons of people were gathered around to watch a boxing match, I felt as if I was back in the States. The match was out of Atlantic City,and a few of us volunteers were together, talking about memories from the East Coast, as we watched the match. I guess the reason why they were showing it was there was a Samoan fighting, which is usually why they show any international activity, but it made me feel as if II was living the high life with Pay Per View.
Like normal with watching boxing matches, I got bored quickly and paid little attention to the outcome of the event, although it did look like it was a draw. (Do they allow that in boxing events?) It was a good taste of home, watching it.
Little did I know the next fighting match would take place the following day.
The cat sits under the kitchen table staring at me. Waiting for me to get food so I can drop the fatty pieces to her. The kitty didn’t realize I was just sitting there watching the news and there was no food yet. Then we heard a plop. A pili (little white lizard) dropped from off the ceiling.
The kitty sprang into action pouncing on him. The pili was batted around a few times, and then escape. The cat caught him again quickly and a little bit of blood oozed from his head.
The cat suddenly jumped up again, leaving just the pili tail. The tail was squirming around without the body as I heard the head scream from the pain. It kept shaking for a few minutes, and then haulted.
It surprised me that they can stay alive for so long without the rest of their bodies.
Watching our cat battle against the pili made me miss Amber and Sativa. They used to battle every single creature that would end up in our backyards. Sativa especially liked attacking birds and making squirrel noises, while Albert preferred attacking Mike, my next door neighbor’s feet.
Being that it is summer time in America now, I wonder what they are catching these days to give to Jen as a present for being an amazing pet sitter/mom substitute.
The following day I saw a pili in the bathroom. It was missing a tail, but it secretly made me happy that he survived the fight.

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