Sunday, July 25, 2010


School was different. On a Thursday there was an assembly for the kids, when there normally is not. After the assembly I taught a little bit, and then the bell rang for another assembly. We had visitors.

A group from New Zealand ranging from 18-60 were biking around Savai’i. I had saw them the week before in Salelologa so they were making their way slowly around the coast. They introduced themselves, and us teachers performed a little dance for them. The teachers then introduced themselves. It is really funny because I have started to get used to the Samoan humor and giggled along with all the female teachers as they made themselves available to the new men.

The visitors then shared presents with our school. Frisbees were tossed around, along with a volleyball and a soccer ball. They also provided books and other school supplies which was a nice treat.

The students all sang for the guest before heading back to class. They spent a little time visiting our school before heading down to their next spot.

I guess the students impressed them and some of the people shared their information and promised to assist our school with books and other materials.

It was really nice for the guests to come and support our school. It had a big influence on the children and I am sure it did with the guests as well.

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