Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Pet Mice

I have no real problem with rodents. They are fine if they are controlled, like in cages, or hidden in the subway and other places.
There has been one living in my school. I see it hiding around the office. Apparently it has been busy.
The past week there has been a lot of cleaning to get the office ready for the big library’s grand opening. The students have been doing a lot of it. Today my sister brought something back from the library. A new pet..or 3.
She found mice. She is keeping them in a little box and feeding them milk out of a little eye dropper.
“Don’t tell mom” she informed me.
“I won’t” I agreed. She showed them to me. They were tiny newborns. Very cute, however, soon they will grow up, without a proper cage to keep pets in, and will begin eating stuff around the house, and I fear this.
In a few days she will be going with the rest of the family to Apia for a few days. She was asking me advice on what to do about her new friends when she was gone.
“Maybe someone else can watch them,” I suggested since there is no way I wanted to offer my services by playing mom to three tiny mice.
“No, they will just die,” she answered. I told her I didn’t know.
I don’t know what the future holds for these mice, but the secret is safe with me…for now.

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  1. You say you don't want to play mom to three tiny mice, yet you still refer to them as "My Pet Mice"

    How telling...