Friday, July 16, 2010

Taste Buds

Taste Buds
I used to have taste buds. I used to enjoy the taste of different food.
I used to prefer certain food to others. For example, I used to be a chicken girl. Chicken was always my meat of choice. I would always eat it.
I used to hate fish. The fishy taste and the fishy smell disgusted me. Now I enjoy fish. I love it, well most of it. I still really hate sardines. But other fish is amazing. It isn’t fatty and it is mainly white meat. It is so good!
Chicken now is disgusting, most days. It is so fatty and boney that I prefer to stay away from it. The cats love it when I have it since my scraps go to them. (It is a lot more than they normally get to eat.) I get so excited when fish comes now.
Something drastic is changing. I don’t taste anything differently with the different food. They all taste bland.
My mission to head to Salelologa and treat myself to a real meal. I want to find out if my taste buds can come back.

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