Friday, July 16, 2010


I told them I would be back. I was planning on coming twice a week, and then I got into my bike accident. I couldn’t ride my bike since my hand was hurting too much to grip the handlebar. I am not talented enough to ride my bike without handlebars. The kolisi is two villages away and I really needed my bike to get there on a regular basis as walking takes too much time, especially in the heat of midday when I would be travelling.
I then went with Dana and Matt near Asau for Mothers Day weekend. It was a long bike ride and I was unable to make the return trip all in one day. Since I was exhausted and dehydrated, I spent the night at Dana’s house and took the bus home in the morning.
We then had training in Apia, and I took a trip to American Samoa. When I returned Bck to Savai’i, I was feeling ill and could not go. The sickness mixed with rainy days and more time passed without a bike.
Finally I was able to visit Dana and was able to ride my bike home. I was now free to travel wherever my legs will take me.
I remembered my promise that I would return. So I talked to the principal and I was back.
Today was my first day I helped a few kids with typing their reports on the computer. I helped them find some shortcuts on the programs they were using, and making little corrections. It was a lot of fun.
I made a commitment to come twice a week and I am looking forward to returning on Thursday, where hopefully more kids will show up for help.

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