Saturday, July 24, 2010

My distraction's Name is Volleyball

During training in my village, I have a few choices, I can run to the plantations, turn left, or turn right. Running to the plantations is uphill, as well as turning right. Most of the time I have been turning right, however, Thursday I decided to turn left. It was my second time turning left, and ten minutes into my run, I was facing the same distracting I faced last time. Volleyball.
The boys yelled at me to join, so I ran over to the court. They quickly made space for me. The beginning was fun as we were just fooling around not keeping score. I was able to hit the ball with ease without fear of the ball being shot like a missile towards me.
More people showed up, and the game turned competitive. The ball was suddenly going faster than baseballs at a MLB game. A few times I was proud of myself for hitting the ball without fear. A few times the ball was coming towards me so fast, and hitting me with such a big force that I was surprised I made it through without much more than a few scrapes and red marks. I have a big cut on one of my hands from a failed attempt to hit the ball. I never thought volleyballs were sharp enough to cut up your hand, but apparently they are when you play with the right people.
The sun was beginning to set, and like I tell everyone, I am scared of the dark because of the people on the road. There were a few stretches without houses so I did not feel compelled to stop and talk to everyone and was able to make it to my neighboring village quickly. Once there, I met up with a few girls in my year 6 class who wanted to make sure I made it home safely, so they walked with me. We walked up the stairs by the church, so we could pass our school. I only walk on this road on my way to school so many kids and adults were surprised to see me and greeted me with the biggest smiles.
I made it to the intersection and the two girls left me to return home. One of the boys in my village saw me and asked if I wanted to run. We ran up the gigantic hill that leads to my village and I headed home.
It was a long day since I was at school from 7-4, and was looking forward to having a nice break.
Hopefully next week I will find the energy to run further when I run to the left without the distraction of volleyball.

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