Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day Part III

We are American and wanted to spend some time with Americans. What better place to do that than go aboard the Kukui and experience an amazing tour courtesy of our Coast Guard friends. We arrived at the gate leading up to the wharf, ready for some excitement. We said who we were to the people at the gate, and told them that someone from the ship was going to pick us up for a tour. They responded with telling us no, we weren’t allowed. Sunday is a day that the port is closed and we should not be on board. We walked away upset.
Denise, one of the amazing staff members we have in our Peace Corps office did not want to take no for an answer, so two of them got on their phones to try and get stuff done. About half an hour later, one of the men was sporting an amazing Kukui hat, and we were finally walking to the ship.
The tour was awesome; we learned why they were in the area and what exactly they do while at sea. We saw some familiar faces from the previous night, which is always comforting.
The best part about it was I got a new pe’u (boyfriend). His name is Oscar and I was able to hang out with him for awhile as he is always jus sitting on the deck of the ship. Oscar is the dummy for practicing the different drills. He has a dislocated knee and a missing foot from all the work he has to do.
The men took us around to see the different parts of the ship, the cafeteria, living quarters, and much more. Everyone was so friendly and it reminded me of a miniature version of the Intrepid, the ship that my family made a point of touring yearly in the NY Harbor. I felt like a little kid again as I hoisted myself onto the captain’s chair and had a great view of the ocean.
They taught us basis about the machines and the computers, and we were able to find the Peace Corps office on the computer screen, which put a smile on my face.
At the end we were presented with a nice Kukui hat to remind ourselves of the men and women we met aboard the Kukui for Independence Day.
Later in the evening we decided to relax at Aggie Gray’s resort. (We figured we derived it.) We met up with some of the Coast Guard men, and some other friends and had a lovely evening relaxing at the pool and chatting on the seawall.
There were no fireworks for the 4th in the sky, but with the experiences me and my friend had for the holiday, we were still very excited with how the weekend turned out. We are ready for next year and the adventures that unwind.

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  1. No way is Oscar yours...he's all mine!! I'll fight for my man.

    Nice blog by the way.