Saturday, June 26, 2010

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose
I’ve created a monster. Seriously.
They are addicted to this game.
Last week I had a few minutes to share with my year 2 class (1stt grade in America) after singing many songs and doing basic vocabulary with them. What to do? I thought to myself. Then something popped into my head. We had just sang a song about ducks, how about…
Duck Duck Goose.
The classroom for this class has no furniture apart from the teacher’s desk. They sit on the floor all day long to do their work. It was the perfect venue for this game as there was plenty of room. The kids quickly caught on, and we did get to practice two difficult words for them. (Duck and Goose, the g makes a completely different sound in this language, and the d is nonexistent, making these words difficult.)
The kids absolutely loved it. When they bell rang for recess and lunch, they did not want to leave. They wanted to stay in and play the whole time, but honestly, who could blame them?
Of I do not have much work to do at recess, or guests visiting which makes us glued to the office, I hang out with the kids at recess. We practice both Samoan and English as we just have a fun time. The past few days, I kept finding kids playing duck duck goose.
They game they have turned it into is a complete runners workout. The person touching heads leads the “goose” on a wild goose hunt around the field daring the kid to catch him or her. I played a few times with the new intensity, and was tagged out a few times.
You can think it is embarrassing being tagged out by an eight year old, but I have excuses on why I did not perform up to my potential. The main reason was I was dressed in my formal school clothes. Imagine running in a tight fitted skirt to your ankles. It makes it difficult. I have other good excuses, but I do not think they are necessary.
It is now the weekend, and I know I have to look forward to more duck duck goose come Monday. Maybe, I should start bringing my running shoes!

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