Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why do you think it is freezing?

Cold Days
I received a text saying, “I would venture to say it’s cold today. I wish I had a long sleeve tasi.” It is true, the seasons are changing, and this week is definitely a lot cooler than any other week in Samoa. I have not adjusted to the weather enough to say it is cold, or to dig out of the zip loc bags (I noticed some clothes are eaten if they are not sealed up) the pants or the long sleeve shirts I posses. It has been cool enough where I am able to sleep without a fan, which I think is impressive of itself.
It has been raining daily and the breeze from it has been amazing. As long as you are not in a fale Samoa with tarps all around you, you begin to feel so free from the fresh air. The crispness of the air has been positive for me as I feel like I can be active in the afternoon. Usually my afternoons consist of lying around napping or reading, but without the sun beating down on me, I feel like I am not tied down to any particular place.
A few days ago, I got goose bumps for the first time in I don’t even remember. I was not even feeling cold, but seeing them across my arms, and my little blond hairs (bleached from the sun) sticking up brought a smile to my face.
They have us scheduled to go home when we are done with our service at winter time. I cannot imagine how it will being home to snow at that time. I love winters, but my body is beginning to adjust to the ridiculous heat of Samoa. At least with the adjustment, I am not completely miserable for the year and a half I will be living here.

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