Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Strings Attached

We were given yellow strings. The pieces of yarn were for our bags to help us at the airport to identify our bags back in October. Every Peace Corps group gets a different color, as it is used worldwide during staging.
Like most other volunteers I have kept my strings on my bag. It just reminds me of life before being here. When I was a different person. Since I have attached them to my bag I have had a life full of adventure and experiences.
I never knew the strings would be a sign of friendship until my ferry ride a few days ago.
I was waiting in the wharf for the boat, and a couple came up to me and asked if I was a PCV. I said yes, and they said they thought so because of the string. We instantly became friends.
Katie and Chad are PCVs located in Tonga and we shared our experiences in our own countries. We compared the similarities and the many differences. We talked about what there is to do when visiting our different countries, the issues with dogs (they are eaten in Tonga), our church going experiences and much more.
Talking to them made me thrilled that I had devised mental plans to visit Tonga in September, and when I was invited to stay with them, it made me even happier.
It was sad to say goodbye when we reached Savai’i. We exchanged information and tried to make plans to meet up again.
It is amazing that one little string can start a friendship. I guess it is a symbol of our Peace Corps family, a family that I am honored to be a part of.

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