Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's My Age Again?

I used to be an adult, able to sleep through the night without a problem.
I don’t know if it is the 11 pills of medicine that my doctor has me taking a day, or what, but I have reverting to infant form. I can only sleep for about two hours at a time. This means I am never fully rested, and never fully awake. A great way to go about life.
A few days ago, I was asked by someone in my village why I haven’t been doing more in my village to help out. I feel like I gave a weird mixture of puppy dog/bugged out eyes back. They heard my voice, I am sick. I have been sick since I got back to my village from vacation and training. The month before training, I was also sick. (Sadly for the entire month.)
I do feel like I am helping out in my village a lot, and I think they just want me to be a superhero with inexhaustible energy. Teaching is a full time job. I am teaching six different classes a day, and in a given week I visit most grades every day. I have done this with limited absences, including my numerous days I have been ill. While teaching, I have stayed on top of our grant for our new school building (They are actually coming in a week and a half to assess the damages we have to the building.), help children with homework, and start a runners club of children from my school that wish to run with me in the evenings.
Another problem I have with starting projects in my village is the limited internet access. I do feel internet is a valuable resource to see what projects would work and how to implement them properly. I used to have internet at home. It is expensive when you use it a lot, but it is an easy way to catch up on little things like e-mail. Ever since I arrived at my village, my internet has been broken. The closest internet “café” (a women’s committee house with a computer and a telephone line) is broken, which leaves me with going into the city every time I want to use the internet. I teach five days a week. On the weekends I go to church. Both are important village obligations, and I do not feel right skipping one right away to work on the potential for something else.
In a few days my medications will be done with. Hopefully then, I will find the energy to do more. Until then, I will still crawl through my daily routine with my exhausted eyes.

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