Saturday, June 26, 2010

Namu means mosquito

Not Again!
They are doing it again. I have about 500 mosquito bites on my right leg. I don’t understand it.
I don’t sleep with my mosquito net anymore because they don’t bite me while I am sleeping, however, while I sit here reading in bed, I have a massive invasion.
These mosquitoes seem to find one place to bite where I don’t notice and then bite every little piece of skin possible. Until my skin turns completely red with bumps.
Bug spray takes too long to put on in my honest opinion, so I haven’t been wearing it regularly in months. I thought I was developing Samoan-like skin. A skin in which they rarely bite. I thought that my taro filled blood was not what the mosquitoes were looking for. Usually I am fine but it is just when the sneaky mosquitoes come by. The mosquitoes that I do not even notice, until it is a complete invasion.
Hopefully, next time I notice the next invasion, before I get attacked by one of those mosquitoes infested with dengue or some other disease.

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